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Electronic shifting system SS2 kit

Diameter of chassis tube next to the tank
Do you need of the Fixing kit? Check the description below to know it

Thechnology highlight

  • magnetic paddles System, the same system used in the F1 field to guarantee the best feedback ever;
  • High tech material and production technology system for all mechanichal stressd components to increase the reliability;
  • grafich kit laminated on alluminium more resistant than classic paint to scratches and abrasions;
  • Incrised engine and gearbox to obtain more reability and downshift time in 15ms, the faster of its category;
  • absence of electronic control unit(ECU), this is the highlight of our system. An unique system in its field capable to eliminating all problems of the ECU as the ruptur by vibration and and the resulting high replacement cost. Do to the absance of ECU is not available the CUT-OFF system. So you need to release the gas to shift up the gear. To get the neutral gear you jus need to push a little bit the paddle "+" when you are in first gear.;
  • Thank to detailed designing of all parts, are available all spareparts of the SS2 system.

What differentiates us from competitors?

The Lab Europe is committed to maintaining the cost of its products as balanced as possible by eliminating any dealer and using only trusted employees. This to obtain a full control of the supply chain and total transparency for our customers: from direct contact with the manufacturer, to the designer of the specific sector.

In a customer-based perspective, moreover, the absence of retailers allows us to follow our customers from the ored placemement up to the use on the track, resolving promptly, within the limits of the possibilities, any problems.

Fixing kit

You need of the fixing kit if the X distance measured on your go kart is less of 85mm.

Do you have any questions?

Tap here to download the user manual qui potrai scaricare la manualistica completa.