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Electronic gearshift D-Shifter

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Diameter of chassis at right side of tank
Race battery
Carbon fiber kit for paddles

The standard version of Dynamic-Shifter (D-Shifter) paddles system is the best solution for go-kart owners that are looking for the best reliable system.

In this case there is not any type of microcontroller or delicate components, the system is managed using only passive electronic parts as simple relays. This solution has been studied specially to get a high level of trustability pointing to get also the best performance. In fact, this solution allows to get a low shifting time because we have deleted any type of lag times offering, in this way, an awesome reactivity of the shifter.



  • Paddles system with magnetic system as the F1 gearshifter;
  • Full metal gerabox;
  • High level of reliability;
  • Wiring herness plug&play;
  • Really simple and fast assembly system on every chassis and engine;
  • Faster up to 45% of similar system (Shifting time about 15ms);
  • Wiring herness IP67, the system is waterproof to use under rain;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Absence of ECU, you need to release the gas to shift up;
  • Neutral gear getting pushing lightly the paddles (as the manual lever).


The package contains everything you need for ready assembly and use:

Complete D-Shifter kit, LiPo charger, standard LiPo battery, fixing kit.



Download security and CE mark :

Download user manual:


! NOTE !


  • Components sealed during packaging to track any post-testing tampering.

  • Among the only ones in the world to guarantee 12 months on all our products.

  • Prompt and punctual assistance for any problem.

  • Products designed in compliance with safety regulations.

Aumento della precisione di guida

A differenza del cambio a leva tradizionale, l’installazione di un cambio elettronico al volante garantisce al pilota di poter impugnare sempre il volante con entrambe le mani in tutte le fasi di guida. Di conseguenza potrai essere più preciso durante la guida del tuo veicolo.

Aumento della sicurezza

Negli anni le prestazioni dei veicoli sono aumentate sempre di più, e la guida con la leva non è più al passo con gli standard di sicurezza attuali. Il cambio elettronico ti garantisce un maggior controllo in caso di perdita di aderenza o di contatto con altro veicolo, diminuendo il rischio di gravi incidenti.

Defaticamento fino al 40%

A differenza della tradizionale leva, il cambio elettronico al volante consente di stancarsi meno ed ottenere un livello di performance costante.