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Electronic gearshift C-Shifter

The Car–shifter system (C-Shifter) Our M-shifter system has been designed espacially for car with sequential gearbox. (DRG system, Radical, formula gloria, formula predator’s, Formula challenge etc..). This version has some upgrade:

The ECU allows lot of configurations about shifting system, as the possibility to set the cut-off time, the neutral gear finder values and Auto blip values.

Our team has developed also a dedicated desktop software (Bluetooth connection) and mobile APP (bluetooth connection) to set all values simply.




  • Paddles system made in carbon fiber;
  • Cut-off system;
  • Neutral Gear finder system;
  • Auto Blip System (with actuator for accelerator or electric input);
  • Rpm input to auto-set of Cut-Off time;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Magnetic Paddles system, the same use for F1 car;
  • About 2,5kg weight;
  • Desktop Software and mobile APP to set simply the values by BLUETOOTH connection;
  • High level of reliability;
  • Wiring herness plug&play;
  • Wiring herness IP67, the system is waterproof to use it under rain;
  • Maintenance free.

These electronic gearshift are customised based on customers needs.